Classification of zinc manganese batteries

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Classification of zinc manganese batteries

Classification of zinc manganese batteries

Combination mode

According to the combination mode, there are three types: single battery, combined battery and compound battery. According to the shape, single cells can be divided into cylindrical, square and flat. According to different use requirements, several single batteries of the same model are combined in series or in parallel, which is called combined battery. For example, the laminated battery is a combined battery composed of flat single batteries in series. It is composed of two different types of single batteries, which is called compound battery. The expression methods of zinc manganese battery models are different in various countries, among which the expression method stipulated by the 35th Technical Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC / TC35) is widely used. China adopts this method. The key points are: the letters "R", "s" and "F" represent cylindrical, square and flat single cells respectively; The Arabic numerals after the letters indicate the model of the battery, and each model represents the specified overall dimensions; The number placed in front of the letter indicates the number of series batteries. The number of parallel batteries is placed after the single battery model and separated by a short line. For example: S4, 6f22, 3r20-4. The model of compound battery is generally represented by the combined battery it contains.


According to the structure, the gel formed from flour, starch and electrolyte is used as the isolation layer between positive and negative electrodes, which is called paste battery. Paperboard battery using pulp paper as isolation layer; Polymer thin film material is used as isolation layer, which is called thin film battery.


According to the composition of electrolyte: the electrolyte with ammonium chloride as the main body is called ammonium chloride type (or ammonium type) battery; the electrolyte with high concentration zinc chloride as the main body is called zinc chloride type (or zinc type) battery.

Discharge performance

According to the discharge performance of the battery, there are three types: ordinary product (s), high charge (c) and high power (P). They are respectively placed behind the battery model to show the difference. For example, R6p represents R6 high-power battery.

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