Application of alkaline zinc manganese battery

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Application of alkaline zinc manganese battery

Application of alkaline zinc manganese battery

Whether civil or military, primary alkaline zinc manganese battery is mainly used as portable power supply. Ordinary zinc manganese batteries (commonly known as zinc carbon batteries) have poor high current continuous working ability, while alkaline zinc manganese relaxation can work continuously with high current. It is most suitable for equipment requiring high current power supply, such as cameras, field cameras, radio controlled aircraft models and sea models, electric tools, electric toys, tape recorders, etc.

It has high capacity and low internal resistance. It can provide more stable working voltage and longer working time for electrical equipment or appliances than ordinary zinc manganese battery. It is suitable for supporting power supply for remote controller, notebook computer, pager, test instrument, radio, handheld walkie talkie and other devices.

Its excellent high-temperature discharge performance and high working voltage under medium current discharge make alkaline zinc manganese battery more advantageous than pot nickel battery and ordinary lithium manganese battery in some fields, such as field underground operation and high-temperature environment.

In addition, the rechargeable alkaline zinc manganese battery not only has good charge holding capacity, but also makes full use of the active materials of the battery, so as to save resources, protect the environment and reduce the use cost, The performance price ratio (cost-effectiveness ratio) of alkaline zinc manganese battery is further improved without memory effect, which makes alkaline zinc manganese battery more competitive and more widely used.

In military equipment, alkaline zinc manganese battery has been used as supporting equipment because of its convenient use, excellent performance and long storage period. Especially in military communication equipment, it is widely used as a supporting power supply for tactical radio, field telephone, terminal equipment, instruments and meters. Under field conditions, there is no mains power and it is extremely difficult to charge. It is all powered by batteries. The radio station works 24 hours and consumes a lot of power when sending messages. In order to ensure uninterrupted communication, it needs supporting batteries, which can provide long working hours and have good continuous working capacity. Alkaline zinc manganese batteries can better meet these requirements. Therefore, at present, alkaline zinc manganese batteries are widely used as primary batteries for tactical radio stations at home and abroad. Batteries are the "food" and "blood" of communication equipment. They are consumables. A certain number of batteries need to be stored in case of unexpected situations. There are enough batteries to provide use. The storage period of high-quality alkaline zinc manganese battery can be more than 5 years, which is difficult to achieve by other primary batteries. Therefore, the excellent storage performance of alkaline zinc manganese battery is another main use in military as reserve battery.

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