Overall control optimization system of seawater battery

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Overall control optimization system of seawater battery

Overall control optimization system of seawater battery

The development and research of battery is a systematic project, which is not only limited to electrode materials, charge and discharge performance and electrolyte, but also includes a perfect control system, especially for seawater battery.

There is also an energy conversion control system for the utilization of battery power, such as long-life floating seawater battery, which is mainly used to collect the change information of performance indicators of marine conditions such as seawater velocity and seabed appearance over time.

This kind of small detection vehicle uses AI / DOS dissolved oxygen battery combined with a variable load lead-acid battery to form the power system. The whole device is fixed on the sea surface through the floating platform. The battery is placed at the lower part of the buoy. The relevant sensors are used as the main unit for testing and data storage. The device can automatically test and store data regularly over time. The device can provide 100kwh energy.

In such a system, the seawater battery is an energy provider, and the lead-acid battery plays a role in energy conversion and storage, so as to prevent the impact of the performance fluctuation of the seawater battery on the performance of the detection device, The optimization of battery structure (double stack) and electrode shape will improve the comprehensive performance of the battery. The engineering and technical problems in this field also need to be studied.

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Overall control optimization system of seawater battery_Seawater battery