High power seawater battery

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High power seawater battery

High power seawater battery

The most successful battery of this kind is torpedo power battery.

In order to improve the energy density of batteries, modern torpedoes often use power batteries with seawater as electrolyte, which can reduce the carrying weight and significantly improve the energy density of batteries.

For example, practical mg / AgCI seawater batteries, Al / ago seawater batteries and Mg / CuCi seawater batteries have been obtained. These batteries are completely different from the previous low-power seawater batteries based on corrosion dissolution. Generally, more active metal materials with lower electrode potential are used as anodes and circulating seawater is used as electrolyte. On the one hand, electrode products are excluded to prevent electrode surface polarization, At the same time, it also takes away part of the heat released by the battery reaction to control the temperature of the battery.

The electrolyte is also different according to the different anode metal materials. The activity of alloyed magnesium anode can ensure rapid dissolution in neutral seawater and provide large current density. Therefore, magnesium anode generally directly uses seawater as electrolyte, such as mg / AgCI seawater battery and Mg / CuCi seawater battery.

Because the passivation film on the surface of aluminum anode hinders the dissolution of its matrix, the aluminum alloy can not ensure sufficient dissolution and discharge speed in neutral seawater medium. Therefore, the alkaline solution formed by dissolving solid NaOH or KOH in seawater is used as electrolyte for aluminum seawater battery, so as to ensure that the discharge reaction speed of aluminum anode can reach the current density required by power battery.

But at the same time, the hydrogen evolution corrosion process of aluminum anode itself is also strengthened accordingly, which is a contradiction always existing in high-power battery. We must find a balance between the two.

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