Usage of sea water battery life jacket lamp

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Usage of sea water battery life jacket lamp

Usage of sea water battery life jacket lamp

Usage of sea water battery life jacket lamp life jacket lamp is a life-saving equipment equipped on life jacket, which is suitable for people falling into the water at sea at night to send optical signals to people for help.

The lifejacket lamp equipped on the ship has two nylon ropes, and the short one is the switch cable.

Usually hang (clip) the lamp on the shoulder of the life jacket like a pen, and fasten the anti loss tether on the life jacket.

When in use, fasten the life jacket first, then hold the jacket lamp with your left hand, grasp the switch connection with your right hand, pull off the water inlet cover of the battery and jump into the water.

When the life jacket lamp penetrates into the water for several minutes, the lamp will send an eye-catching light signal. At this time, the victim can hang the lamp on his shoulder or hang it on his shoulder with a rope.

The lamp is like a flashlight. In order to expand the rescued target, the victims can often wave the lamp in the air. Using this method can also help the battery box discharge waste in time, speed up battery activation, reduce resistance and enhance brightness.

Main performance indicators: the working time shall not be less than 8 hours, the working voltage shall be 4.5 V, the ambient temperature shall be adapted from minus 30 degrees to 65 30 degrees above zero, the activation time of seawater battery shall be minutes, the index time shall be minutes, seawater and fresh water shall be 10 minutes, the luminous form shall be long and bright, and the validity period shall be 3 years. Pay attention to the following matters, do not screw and remove the lampshade at will to ensure the sealing performance of lamps.

Good sealing performance of life jacket lamp must be ensured. If moisture is allowed to enter the battery box, the battery will react chemically and take effect gradually.

Therefore, the water inlet pull cover cannot be pulled casually at ordinary times.

If it is found that the water inlet pull cover is opened and the seawater battery has been corroded and expanded, the electric lamp battery has come into effect and the lamp shall be scrapped.

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Usage of sea water battery life jacket lamp_Seawater battery