Solid state battery electrolyte

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Solid state battery electrolyte

Solid state battery electrolyte

Solid electrolyte (SSE) is a kind of solid ion conductor electrolyte, which is the characteristic component of solid-state battery. It can be used in electric energy storage (EES) instead of liquid electrolyte found in lithium-ion battery.

The main advantages are increased safety, no toxic organic liquid leakage, low flammability, nonvolatile, mechanical and thermal stability, easy processing, low self discharge rate, and higher power density and recyclability.

In this way, metal anodes such as those in lithium practical equipment can be used without the inherent limitations of liquid electrolytes.

High capacity anode and low utilization reduction potential, such as lithium has a specific capacity of 3860 Ma g-1 and a reduction potential of -3.04 v. compared with she, the substitution of traditional low capacity graphite (372 Ma g-1) is a XXX step to achieve lighter, thinner and cheaper rechargeable batteries.

In addition, this allows weight and bulk energy density to be high enough to reach 500 miles per charge in an electric vehicle.

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