Precautions for lithium ion battery charging

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Precautions for lithium ion battery charging

Precautions for lithium ion battery charging

Excessive charge and discharge of lithium-ion battery will cause permanent damage to the positive and negative electrodes.

Excessive discharge leads to the collapse of the carbon sheet structure of the negative electrode, which will lead to the inability of lithium ion insertion during charging;

Overcharge makes too many lithium ions embedded in the negative carbon structure, resulting in some lithium ions can no longer be released.

The charging amount is equal to the charging current multiplied by the charging time. When the charging control voltage is constant, the larger the charging current (the faster the charging speed), the smaller the charging amount.

Too fast battery charging speed and improper termination voltage control point will also cause insufficient battery capacity. In fact, some electrode active substances of the battery stop charging without sufficient reaction. This phenomenon of insufficient charging intensifies with the increase of cycle times.

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