Which is better, Ni MH battery or lithium battery

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Which is better, Ni MH battery or lithium battery

Which is better, Ni MH battery or lithium battery

Nickel metal hydride batteries are better than lithium batteries because of their low price, strong versatility, large current and stable environmental protection.


1. Different weights.

General digital cameras use secondary lithium batteries (rechargeable). Compared with Ni MH batteries, they are lighter in weight and 48% higher in volume energy density. Because of this, the production and sales of lithium-ion secondary batteries are gradually surpassing that of Ni MH batteries. This battery has small self discharge and no memory effect, and the number of charge and discharge can reach more than 600 times. In particular, the Li polymer lithium polymer battery developed in recent years is not limited by the cylindrical or square shape of the general battery, but also lighter in weight. Nickel metal hydride batteries are heavier than lithium batteries.

Because lithium batteries are not resistant to overcharge, they may explode if used carelessly. Therefore, a built-in control IC is required to prevent overcharge, but the cost is also relatively high. Lithium battery specifications are not uniform, so there will be cases where the battery cannot be bought after the model is discontinued. However, it has improved a lot.

2. Service life. The service life of lithium battery is longer than that of nickel hydrogen battery.

3. Memory differences. Lithium battery has no memory effect. The design of Ni MH battery comes from Ni Cd battery, but great progress has been made in improving the memory effect of Ni Cd battery. The main change is to replace the cadmium used in the negative electrode with hydrogen storage alloy. Therefore, Ni MH battery can be said to be a typical representative of material innovation.

4. Price difference. The cost of lithium battery is high and the price of Ni MH battery is low.

The electrolyte in the Ni MH battery is a non combustible aqueous solution. On the other hand, the specific heat capacity of the Ni MH battery is relatively high and the energy density is relatively low, which means that the Ni MH battery will not easily catch fire even in extreme cases such as short circuit.

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Which is better, Ni MH battery or lithium battery_Nickel metal hydride battery