Characteristics of carbon battery

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Characteristics of carbon battery

Characteristics of carbon battery

The full name of carbon battery should be carbon zinc battery (because its positive pole is generally carbon rod and its negative pole is zinc skin). It is also known as zinc manganese battery. It is the most common dry battery. It has the characteristics of low price and safe and reliable use. Considering environmental protection factors, it still contains cadmium, so it must be recycled to avoid damage to the earth's environment.

Alkaline battery is suitable for large discharge and long-term use. The internal resistance of the battery is low, so the current generated is larger than that of general zinc manganese battery. The conductive bar is copper and the shell is steel, which is safe and reliable. No recycling required. Based on his environmental protection and high current characteristics, alkaline batteries are more advanced.

Advantages of carbon battery: carbon battery is easy to use and cheap. There are many kinds and prices to choose from.

Disadvantages of carbon battery: it can not be recycled. Although the one-time investment is low, the cumulative use cost is high. Damage to the earth's environment.

Attention to the use of carbon battery: if the camera is not used for a long time, the carbon battery should not be placed in the machine. If the time is too long, some corrosive liquid will flow out of the carbon battery. If these liquid flows into the camera, it is very easy to cause component damage.

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