Classification of lithium batteries

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Classification of lithium batteries

Batteries are generally divided into primary batteries (not rechargeable) and secondary batteries (rechargeable).

Lithium battery is a kind of battery with lithium metal or lithium alloy as negative electrode material and non-aqueous electrolyte. It is generally divided into two categories:

The main difference between lithium metal batteries and lithium-ion batteries (including lithium-ion polymer batteries) is that lithium metal batteries are primary batteries, containing lithium in metal state, such as button batteries;

Lithium ion battery is a secondary battery, which does not contain lithium in metal state, such as mobile phone battery.

Lithium ion polymer battery, as the representative of secondary battery, is widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers and other portable electronic products.

The reason is that using the polymer series battery structure, it only needs a small amount of liquid electrolyte. Therefore, this kind of battery does not need a hard shell for protection, there is no limit on its shape, and its packaging volume can be greatly reduced.

Based on these characteristics, lithium-ion polymer batteries have a great trend to replace traditional lithium-ion batteries.

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